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Paul Helmich

Participant Strategy Alliance Cooperative

"Complexity deserves simplicity"


Paul Helmich is both a blockchain enthusiast and an experienced professional management consultant with a dual background in IT/Risk Management and in Business Economics. He is a blockchain enthusiast because this is the area where his backgrounds meet, which is why he is now pursuing an MSc in Digital Currencies. 


Paul worked as a manager for large consultancies such as Accenture and KPMG before starting his own consultancy in 2014. He has worked on larger economic projects, research and a corporate merger, but also spent a few years running a critical services company with 25 employees. His current focus is on the disruptive innovation that blockchain technology brings to many sectors. In his spare time, he is active for his Rotary club, holds various board positions and is a member of the Caribbean Blockchain Alliance. His certifications include a CISSP, a CISM and a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

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