Only about 30% of companies succeed in completing a digital transformation journey. And navigating in the midst of uncertainty - the new reality - is extra difficult because new habits and expectations take shape and evolve at lightning speed. Our approach is aimed at guiding and realizing this sustainable digital transformation. Our consultants do this at organizations that combine digital and human capabilities - and apply them to all aspects of their business.

The word “consultancy” means different things to different people. We understand this to mean: long-term(er) commitment to customers, characterized by:

  • Specialist knowledge & experience
  • Designing and guiding processes around the theme of digital transformation
  • Replenishment of the customer's team when needed

Once we've achieved the client's goals, that doesn't mean the journey is over. We always like to stay in close contact with our customers to give direction where necessary and to stay up-to-date on further next steps. So that both Strategy Alliance and the customer can continue to grow.

The core topics of our consultancy trajectories



Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Risk & Security