Strategy Alliance is a digital transformation consultancy. We accompany our customers on their journey to make their digital dreams come true.

Strategy Alliance has broad experience with multiple industries, such as government, the financial sector, non-profit and the food industry. With our approach we strive for sustainable results for our customers and we interpret sustainability very broadly: People, Profit and Planet. We have also linked this to science and practice, because our guides have built up a very broad knowledge base.

This enables us to use our generic approach very specifically to solve the customer's issue. Digital transformation is often experienced as abstract and theoretical and we do not think that is justified. By using creative methods, for example through visualization, we can often make digital transformation tangible for our customers. And moreover, when stakeholders take up the pen themselves, creativity really kicks in and you get even better results.

Every organization is different, every customer has his or her own problems and challenges in his or her own setting. The customer determines the goal and in our role as a guide we ensure that the customer will achieve the goal, but also that the customer can then continue to travel on their own.