The use of digital technology in organizations has been steadily increasing for decades. Initially, the focus was primarily on automating human tasks through computers. Later, the term "informatization" became increasingly important: the use of data to improve, expedite, and make business processes more effective. In the current era, we refer to this as digital transformation. However, there is a risk that this term may become a poorly defined buzzword. We see it as follows:

"In a digital world, people must be central"

We speak of a digital transformation when an organization consciously engages in a strategic initiative to sustainably change the way it creates value through the use of digital technology.

What lenses do we use to examine organizational challenges?


What do we aim to achieve in the market? What is the impact on the business model?


How do we shape the landscape of people, processes, data, and systems? How do we shape the transformation?


How do we ensure sustainable results? How do we ensure responsible decision-making?


How do we ensure proper alignment of the organization? How do we engage employees at all levels? How do we foster effective collaboration?


How do we ensure that professionals and managers develop, feel at home in the new organization, and actively contribute to the realization of the strategy?

A good intake is essential for our projects. It allows us to establish a connection with clients and their challenges. The "loop" indicates that we typically work in iterations. Think of it as: an initial concept after 4 days, a solid vision and plan after 4 weeks, and the first results after 4 months. Of course, the timelines depend on the specific project.

Based on this philosophy, we shape our assignments. For a deeper understanding of our expertise, approach, and its impact, please take a look at our mission and vision, blog, and customer journeys.

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