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Lessons from my MBL journey

22 April 2022

In 2019, exactly 18 years after graduating with a B.TECH in Information Technology, I have decided to pursue a Master in Business Leadership (MBL).

What is a Master in Business Leadership (MBL)?

The simplest way to explain it is that it is an MBA with emphasis on business leadership, both in the public and private sectors. The MBL focuses on the soft skills needed to lead people, along with executive management skills such as strategic management, value-based management, finance for managers, and business research to name a few.

Why did I do this training?

After getting a B.TECH in IT, most of my roles revolved around the discipline of Software Engineering. Writing code, designing apps and querying databases was what I did. I loved it and still do, but the question that was always in my mind was 'how do technology and apps solve business and social problems?' I decided to delve into Business Analysis, working closely with users of the apps, to find out more. What I discovered was a surge in companies using digital technology to improve the user experience, strengthen their business model or change their business model completely. To organise a business to create value for the customer through digitisation, one needs to have a strategic understanding of the business and strong leadership to bring about the change. This aroused my curiosity and formed the basis for pursuing a Master's degree in Business Leadership.

What did I learn on my MBL journey?

Lesson 1:

The first lesson is that there is no substitute for hard work and dedication to a cause. Nine exams, 16 assignments and a master's thesis in two years was no easy task, but it is the second lesson that has made the difference.

Lesson 2:

The second lesson was the importance of teamwork. In the MBL, you work in a team where the work is shared. The success of each team member determines your success. We had common goals and ambitions, we knew each other's strengths and weaknesses, and we respected and trusted each other. The same is true in business.

Lesson 3:

The final lesson would be the knowledge, confidence and leadership skills I gained from the MBL curriculum. It inspired me to become the founder of my own management consulting company, LEO (Leading the evolution of organisations), where, together with Strategy Alliance, I combine my technical and business acumen with industry experience, to transform companies for the digital age.

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