Insights / A digital Christmas in 2021

A digital Christmas in 2021

23 December 2021

We are approaching Christmas 2021, so in this blog we would like to look back at highlights and lessons learned from the past year. We also look ahead to what 2022 will bring us.

Digital Transformation and Corona

As a result of the corona crisis, digitalisation has made a quantum leap worldwide. The digital transformation is particularly striking because of the speed at which it has taken place. The shift from office work to working from home in 2020 is a great example of this. In less than two weeks, everyone was digitally connected from his or her home office. And in 2021, companies will build on this digital growth as the tools for digital collaboration become more comprehensive than ever.

For example, our Father Christmas (who seems to be going along with today's healthy lifestyle) is on the eve of his own digital transformation. Busy updating children's wish lists digitally with his iPad in hand. His helper thinks differently about this, with the long paper old-fashioned way of working, he looks at Father Christmas with curiosity but is reticent. In today's society where the one and a half metre and mouth caps are no longer crazy, it is therefore important to organise the digital landscape well and to be prepared to work remotely and be digitally connected. Father Christmas asks the elves: "Isn't it time to move with the times?

We see that our customers are putting a lot of energy into data-driven work. This activity was previously seen as "nice to have" but is making a shift this year to a core activity that gives companies control over their data and, of course, gets value out of it. The digital transformation continues to grow and will add many more great things to business in 2022.

The image that digital working has gained due to the corona crisis is promising, the culture surrounding the digital age is changing more easily as people are gradually introduced to it. People are challenged to learn new things about data management, architecture, security and RPA.

We had the opportunity to do some great things in 2021 and we look forward to continuing this in 2022. On behalf of Strategy Alliance, we hope this will also be the case for you and we wish you happy holidays and a beautiful 2022 with many opportunities.