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Peter Westerveld

Participant Strategy Alliance Cooperative

"Be yourself there are already so many others"


Peter is an experienced cyber security specialist who speaks the 'language' of management and boards and of engineers. That makes it easy for him to switch between security strategy and security operations. A combination which, experience has shown, has an impact on lead time, security awareness and money. Company interests and objectives are the starting point in which security must be fitted as a business enabler. Thinking and acting on the basis of risk management helps his clients to apply a security structure that matches the risks run by the business processes and the 'risk appetite' that the management or board of directors can and want to take.  On the one hand by laying a foundation with a management system that takes care of quality and the long term, but is also dynamic and can act on current threats.In the more than 20 years that Peter has been present in the information security domain, he has mainly learned to put situations into perspective. His down-to-earthness and character help him (and his clients) to do so. He was the co-owner and director of Sincerus for 13 years. A company that, since its establishment in 2004, has focused entirely on information security. From technical security services to consulting and interim management to apply security governance. In 2017 Peter left the company and continued as an independent. In all these years he has worked in interim assignments for municipalities, the national cyber security center (NCSC), Universities and financial institutions. Mostly as a cyber security consultant, project manager and as CISO. Peter also teaches at Saxion in Enschede and Deventer for the HBO courses Integral Safety Engineering (IVK) and Security management. He teaches information systems and security and business continuity management.