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A human-centric approach to digital transformation is the key to success in an increasingly digital world. Our over-arching mission is to help our customers in realizing their digital aspirations, to achieve sustainable results.

Our company name signifies our belief in the power of collaboration, co-creation and knowledge sharing. We acknowledge that the transformation journey of our customers requires a broad set of specialist skills. We have therefore chosen for a clear profile where we collaborate with eminent players in the field to deliver value to our customers.



Our logo is a visualization of how we think and how we want to create value for our customers. The swirl in the logo signifies change, the journey that we embark on together. The two sides (light/ dark) of the logo signify the holistic  nature of our approach, which is based on key dualities related to transformation: “now” and “then”, “new” and “old”, the “hard aspects” of change (systems, process) and the “soft aspects” of change (people, culture)”. Recognizing the value of, and balancing between these perspectives lies at the heart of the way we create value for our customers.

Key to our way of working is radical transparency and truth. Sound decisions about the direction of the enterprise are taken by experts, acknowledging the goals (getting a shared view on what we are trying to achieve) and the relevant facts (what do we believe to be true). For this to work, all the relevant facts need to be on the table for all to consider and discuss. The consequence is that stakeholders not only have the opportunity to participate freely in the transformation conversation, they also have the moral and ethical obligation to do so to ensure that all relevant facts and perspectives are taken into account.

Last but not least, the mix of academic rigor and practical relevance is part of our DNA. We combine our practical work of consultancy, workshops and coaching with research and training. We adopt proven, open approaches and tailor our way of working to the situation at hand. Our team consists of a group of professionals with a wide range of skills and expertise.

Digital transformation, in our view, is a contact sport and a team sport. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Coaching & mentoring

We help leaders, professionals, and groups of professionals with coaching on different levels:

  • Coaching & mentoring professionals with respect to a specific discipline, for example after having followed a course/ training
  • Coaching & mentoring leaders to perform their role in digital transformation projects, often in high-stress situations (digital leadership)
  • Coaching  & mentoring groups and teams to collaborate effectively in the context of digital transformation (shared vision, shared priorities, team roles)

Coaching and mentoring are processes that enable both individuals and teams to achieve their full potential. These processes tend to be highly personal and tailored to your specific needs


Consultancy is a big word that means different things to different people. Our skilled consultants are highly motivated to help you and your team to be successful in different ways:

  • Specialist in specific fields
  • Helping your team in designing and leading a transformation initiative
  • Filling gaps in your team when you need additional capacity

Our consultants are skilled in different disciplines related to digital transformation. We adopt an approach to consultancy that is rooted in three core values: (1) focus on people for sustainable results, (2) radical transparency and radical truth, (3) balance academic rigor with practical relevance.


Skilled and motivated professionals are one of the key success factors for digital transformation. We expect our leaders and professionals to have a broad skill set. We expect them to be able to pick up new skills quickly. We also expect them to continue to do their job while learning.

Our training offering is tailored to meet the needs of busy professionals who want to broaden their horizon and learn new skills in light of the challenges around digital transformation.  We offer both standard and custom trainings where we mix academic rigor with practical relevance. Topics include: the REALIZE approach for digital transformation, enterprise architecture, data management, information security management and many others.


The time from ideation to transformation is key for success. Workshops are a key tool to rapidly get shared vision / understanding on a specific topic. Typical examples are:

  • Getting a shared understanding on what is intended with a strategic plan
  • Prioritizing between different goals and objectives
  • Understanding the lay of the land through a stakeholder analysis
  • Understanding/ decision on the target operating models and key principles for the enterprise

We support our customers both with individual workshops and with workshop cycles (link to 4+4+4). In our workshops we combine elements from principled thinking, design thinking and visual teams.